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My journey – a snapshot

I love to read and recently had sight of a book from the library called Arabic Stories (Hezi Brosh and Lutfi Mansure); it is a collection of Arabic stories (both in English and Arabic) that were told orally and in writing from the pre Islamic period until the 15th...

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I spent much of the week out and about in Dunoon, one of the bigger towns in Argyll,  chatting about Takeaway Creative to the local radio station and newspaper and a number of residents and teams in residential homes. I realised that as you get older the range of...

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About Julia Warhola,  Andy Warhol’s Mum.

About Julia Warhola, Andy Warhol’s Mum.

I made an amazing discovery last week and learned about Julia Warhola. Most folk will know of Andy Warhol. Whether you love or hate his work he was an artist, director and producer and a very important part of the “pop art” movement. But not many folk know...

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About Me

Fiona started Takeaway Creative after she was unable to find quality activities to be enjoyed in the home for her own family.


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