I spent much of the week out and about in Dunoon, one of the bigger towns in Argyll,  chatting about Takeaway Creative to the local radio station and newspaper and a number of residents and teams in residential homes. I realised that as you get older the range of options for activities available can start to reduce one by one particularly in less accessible locations.  How do you learn new skills if you struggle to get out?  
I can think of my partner Pieter who was looking for fencing lessons (the one with swords not the one with nails) and he searched on the web, travelled to Helensburgh and Glasgow and eventually found a club and could travel at weekends or after work.   But this sort of research and travel and seeking out networks is not always possible if you are a carer, struggle with mobility or struggling with health. For those in a residential environment access can get even more difficult. I was reminded of a friend who collected a 94 year old gentleman from hospital living alone at home who stated “I am so bored, there is so little to do” . Having studied some economics, it seems the range of options for enjoying life and exploring new activities diminishes over time.
Such was my thinking that led to the start up of Takeaway Creative, especially targeted to expose people not just to new hobbies  but “to new ways of thinking.” The project brings a new model of thinking, in the form of portable pursuits and opportunities delivered to people from Dunoon to the Shetland Isles to John O’Groats.

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e: office@takeawaycreative.co.uk