I made an amazing discovery last week and learned about Julia Warhola.

Most folk will know of Andy Warhol. Whether you love or hate his work he was an artist, director and producer and a very important part of the “pop art” movement.

But not many folk know about Andy’s mum, Julia Warhola who was an artist in her own right. She was very musical, she loved to sing folk songs in the traditional language Rusyn from her native Slovakia, and she loved to draw and illustrate. But that was not all: she enjoyed crafts, flower arranging and paper mache. Julia’s favourite subjects were angels and cats and the creative relationship between Julia and Andy strengthened with Andy’s 1966 movie, Mrs Warhol where Julia plays “an aging peroxide movie star with a lot of husbands,”

I found the story of Julia and Andy thrilling. Unburdened from the filters from society they were able to explore creativity in their own way. I’d like to think that somehow Takeaway Creative will unleash energy and fun with a whole range of people just like Julia and Andy.

Fiona (Pop)


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